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The Firmament of Flame

The Firmament of Flame

For fans of Firefly and James S. A. Corey’s Expanse novels, The Firmament of Flame is the third installment in Drew Williams’ Universe After series. For nearly a...

Book Three of the Universe After

Catherine Cerveny

author of the Rule of Luck

I just finished THE STARS NOW UNCLAIMED. Oh wow! What a fun read! I thoroughly loved it. Jane Kamali is a kick-ass heroine who gets the job done and never loses her sense of humor, no matter how bad things get. The action is non-stop, and filled with brilliant and unexpected laugh-out-loud moments. THE STARS NOW UNCLAIMED is a sci-fi thrill ride from start to finish.

Mur Lafferty

author of SIX WAKES

Robot priest. Yeah, you could read this book for the engrossing worldbuding or for the fascinating characters, but all I needed was ROBOT PRIEST.

K.B. Wagers

author of The Indranan War & upcoming Farian War trilogies

So, set your clocks for 8/28/18 which is when debut novel THE STARS NOW UNCLAIMED comes out. Trust me, you’ll want to read this because this fucking book is awesome.

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